Single binary

You can also run Proksi as a standalone binary using rust's cargo or downloading it directly from for you system.


Proksi is a Rust-based proxy service and can be installed as a binary through the published version on

To install (and compile) Proksi for your system, first ensure you have the latest Rust version:

1. Rust is not installed

curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh

2. Rust is already installed

rustup update

3. Install the binary

cargo install proksi

You can now run Proksi as a user binary:

touch proksi.hcl
# add routing configuration to your proksi.hcl file

proksi -c ./

Downloading the binary

Ensure you are download the right one from the Releases page on Github and once you download it, make sure it has the right permissions to execute, e.g.:

# Replace {VERSION} with the version you want
# Replace {PLATFORM} with the one for your system
curl -O -L{VERSION}/{PLATFORM}.tar.gz
tar -czvf {PLATFORM}.tar.gz

chmod +x ./proksi

Once that is done you can check if the binary is functional:

proksi --help

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