Auto Reload

Proksi can be configured to automatically reload the configuration file when it changes. This can be useful when you want to change the configuration without restarting the service.

To enable auto reload, you can set the auto_reload key to true in the configuration file. The default value is false.

auto_reload {
  # Whether to enable auto reload (default: false)
  enabled = true
  # The interval (in seconds) to check for changes (default: 30)
  interval_secs = 5

  # extra paths to watch for changes (default: [])
  # This is useful if you are dealing with `import` in the configuration file
  # changes on those imports will trigger a reload on the main configuration
  # file and down.
  # This will only watch for .hcl files and ignore any other extension.
  paths = ["/etc/sites"]

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